This user agreement ("the Agreement") describes the rules and conditions of using the services provided by Marble BTC Inc. ("Marble BTC"),, to the registered user ("the User"), including but not limited to the access to the individual user's account and payment operations performed through the Marble BTC website located at https://MarbleBTC.com

Using Marble BTC's services, you confirm that you have read all paragraphs of this Agreement, understood their meaning in full and that you accept this Agreement and will abide by it.


1.1. Any individual who reached 18 years of age or the legal age according to the law of their country of residence may create a Marble BTC account and become its you ("the user").

1.2. The funds invested earn Hourly income calculated based on the standard interest percentage and your ("the user") personal coefficient. Total Hourly statistics is available for viewing at the Marble BTC website.


2.1. You ("the user") invests funds via Bitcoin

2.2. Marble BTC does not charge any fees for accepting deposits.

2.3.We dont have minimum amount for investing.

2.4. There is no upper limit to the amount of investment.

2.5. You ("the user") may make an unlimited number of deposits.

2.6. The total of all deposits made by you ("the user") comprises this participant's investment portfolio.

2.7. You ("the user") invests funds by making a payment on the Marble BTC website. Direct money transfers are not accepted.

2.8. An electronic payment or wire transfer performed incorrectly will be refused.


3.1. Invested funds start generating income immediately after your ("the user") deposit is approved and accepted.

3.2. Earnings accrue continuously, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

3.3. Earnings are deposited to your ("the user") account within the Marble BTC system.

3.4. The Marble BTC website's downtime due to technical reasons does not affect the process of earnings accrual.

3.5. Depending on the size of your ("the user") investment portfolio, you ("the user") may be given a personal coefficient, which affects the daily deposit earnings.


4.1. Marble BTC does not charge fees for withdrawing the percentages accrued.

4.2. You ("the user") may request to withdraw the earnings at any moment, including weekends and holidays.

4.3. Withdrawals are processed automatically within 24 hours from the moment the request is made.


You ("the user") may request a refund of any previously made deposit and it will be processed with 10% fee any time you want


6.1. You ("the user") may enter the partnership program and receive partner's awards.

6.2. You ("the user") is not required to invest personal funds in order to enter the partnership program.

6.3. Marble BTC calculates the partner's award as 7 percentage of all deposits made by all investors invited by you ("the user").


7.1. Marble BTC operates in compliance with the law and makes every effort to ensure the quality of services aimed to work in you ("the user")s' best interests.

7.2. Marble BTC ensures the safety and security of its website and protects the personal data of its you ("the user")s in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Marble BTC guarantees that no confidential information concerning you ("the user")s will be passed to a third party unless per official request issued by the court of England and Wales.

7.3. Third parties participating in Marble BTC's operation, including but not limited to payment systems and banks, are not agents or representatives of Marble BTC, but independent contractors.


8.1.You ("the user") must be aware that investment operations entail a degree of risk.

8.2. Marble BTC does not guarantee future income equal to the past earnings data. The results achieved in the past do not affect the future figures.

8.3. When investing funds within the Marble BTC system,you ("the user") must clearly understand their personal objectives, take into consideration their past experience and psychological traits. In case of a doubt, you ("the user") should seek advice of an independent financial expert.

8.4. you ("the user") takes full responsibility for any risks and possible losses caused by force major factors.


9.1. This Agreement may be added to or modified by Marble BTC at its sole discretion, at any moment and without prior notice.

9.2. If you ("the user") continues using Marble BTC's services after this Agreement is modified, you ("the user") therein agrees to all changes.

Marble BTC Ltd.

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